Welcome to Club 107.9

    We have had a fantastic response to our Club 107.9 fundraiser, with 70 members pitching in to help so far.Thanks to everyone who has participated in this initiative! That's over $7,500 raised so far!

    You can join by sending $107.90 in an e-transfer to mf.rihc%40yenom

    Please include your email address in the e-transfer message box or send your email address to ac.srcig%40rerusaert, so we can add you to our data base.

    Your generous donation will go a long way to helping us get on the air.

    By supporting Islands Radio’s bid to get Community FM radio on the Gulf Islands, you’ll be invited to special events held over the next 12 months. 

    We’ll be holding socials and fundraising events, concerts and other activities.

    You’ll be able to record your own station ID, which will run regularly on

    You’ll appear on the Castaways program on This show is loosely based on Desert Island Discs. It will feature each member for 1 hour in conversations along with their 8 key tunes. Starts in August 2022. We will be broadcasting one show per week so start thinking about your favorite music now
    The special radio program Castaways will begin this Winter. When a member - see list next column - has appeared on the show we change the colour of their name to this . Go to the Castaways page to see when various members are scheduled to appear, or to access the podcast or Spotify playlist once their show has been streamed 

    And you'll get priority, if you want to host a programme on

    You’ll also be recognized on the Club 107.9 page on our website.

    Stay tuned for more news about!


    Contact Damian Inwood at ac.srcig%40tnediserp

    Our Great Sponsors

    We launched Club 107.9 on January 28, and we had an immediate response. Thanks to everyone who has joined us so far!

    These are our members, in the order they joined.

      Damian Inwood
      Sue Walker
      Sam LoBalbo
      Brant Zwicker
      Robert Day
      Larry Woods
      Anna Haltrecht
      Scott Merrick
      Tom Boivin
      Paul McElroy
      John Moore
      Larry Olson
      Richard Steel
      Raija H Koski
      Ari Paunonen
      Julius Fisher
      Craig Hickson
      Paul Marcano
      Janice McIntyre
      Daryll Martin
      Neil MacConnell
      Cicely Protsack
      Cindy Jacobsen
      Dennis Lucarelli
      David G. Coulter
      Scott Duke
      Mark Clancy
      Li Read
      Frank Huether
      Andrea Ernst
      Premilla Pillay
      Lyle Petch
      Humberto Martinho
      Urs Dietschi
      David Crouch
      Paul Koens and Maureen Flagler
      Lyle Eide
      Christina Chua
      Dan Snakehead
      Moe Wendt
      Reginald James
      Kenneth "Mr. Music" Jackson
      Salt Spring Inn - Jeremy Milsom
      Murray Coates
      Garth Hendren
      Sid Filkow
      John Fitzgibbon
      Bill Marchant
      Kerry and Shelagh Westfield
      Charley Miller
      Bob Ripley
      Jameson Poncia, Smoke & Thyme
      Dave Carlson, Celebrity Accents
      Amy Elizabeth
      David Crone
      Connie Gibbs
      Ron Dyck
      Reg Jefferd
      Anthony & Claudia Cragg
      Elizabeth Zook
      Michael Haldane
      Gerald L. Clement
      Sheryl Munroe
      Dave Carter